Eroticon the Sunday Last in a Three Part Series

Sunday started a little bit later than Saturday which was really nice because it gave us some time to recover from Saturday night.

After the little welcome thingy, which was smaller than that of the Saturday because Saturday was where we listened to all of our little messages that had been put out on cards on the Friday night to replace the keynote that someone had to cancel because of a family emergency, I ran along to Kink Craft again, this time to make a collar. There is nothing better than being able to make things and take them home with you. I love crafty things and being able to make kinky crafty things was one of the highlights of the whole weekend.

Lunch was quite quick for me this year and afterwards, there was dessert and readings. This was my first Eroticon so I had never experienced this but the readings were hugely hot. I mean, I was squirming in my chair listening to them. I wanted to be the one begging to come for Sir. I liked the earthiness and the differences and even hearing some voices I hadn’t heard yet.

Talking to Adam from Godemiche was great as well. He gave me some wonderful feedback about my talk from the day before as well as a lovely toy I can take home to review. I met his wife and she was a bit harried but after we stopped for a bit longer and I was able to talk a little bit of Polish with her, she went away smiling and I felt warm and fuzzy inside.

I went around briefly to check in with the sponsors again and saw Nina from Temptation Holidays. I was so happy to talk to her and though I didn’t get a holiday, I got a sweet teddy and a toat bag with some lovely things inside it. Did I mention how much I love swag?

There were two sessions at the end which were so helpful for me. The one from Molly about how to improve the look of your site and the one by Girl On The Net about growing your numbers and improving your traffic. I learnt so much from both of those talks and will be talking to Molly about getting help with visuals when she’s not swamped with other things.

All of these talks have given me things to do, concrete ways to improve things and I want to do as much of that as I can as quickly and efficiently as possible before I forget.

After the raffle, which I didn’t win, we went to the bar of the Holiday Inn for drinks and chatty times. I stayed there for a bit and after fish and chips in a 1940’s style fish and chips shop with Eve Ray, I came back and talked with a small group including Cara Thereon. We discussed the parallels between being black and being blind; how both groups have to deal with similar issues from the public; how even though we are different, we understand each other on a certain level; how different Eroticon is from Woodhull; all of these similarities and differences.

I also got the chance to say goodbye to Kayla Lords and John Brownstone and I thanked them for seeing me as a person, as a sub, as all the things. John was having trouble resisting that big long plait so I told him “It’s OK, you can pull it, I’m OK with that.” He did and it felt so good. It wasn’t hard or flashy but it was a nice little imperative that made me feel seen and gave me warmth from my head to my toes. I love when things like that happen.

It was little things like that that were the highlights of this whole trip. Just being seen, acknowledged, like the fact that lots of people commented on my velvet type cape. “Who’s the lady with the cape?” I made a statement with my clothes, something I don’t often know how to do, but it worked this time. I am thinking of wearing a velvety dress under that cape next year.

Eroticon is my place and these are definitely my peeps. I want to go back next year or even see if I can get people to come to an Australian equivalent if we can get one started. I learnt so much and got to meet so many wonderful people and do things I had never done before. I feel more in control of the living entity that is my blog now and if that had been the only thing I came away with, it would have been big enough but as it is, I came away with so much that is both invaluable and immeasurable.

I am linking this post to Eroticon Aftermath so that everyone can see.

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  1. Loved your recap posts! Glad you enjoyed the conference- I did too! Sounds like it had a really nice impact for you! It was nice to make your acquaintance- however briefly and look forward to reading more of your blog!

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