A Review of the Chaiamo by Rocks Off

I was fortunate to attend Eroticon this year and one of the wonderful things that you can always rely on at conferences such as this is swag and lots of it. I was also able to meet up with the sponsors, one of whom was the Rocks Off Ruby Glow. Tabitha Rayne was very welcoming and couldn’t wait to show me all of the wonderful things at her table after giving me a huge hug. One of these devices was the Chaiamo Classic Vibrator from Rocks Off.

Imagine a lipstick vibe but super sized with a velvety silicone finish and the diagonal on both ends, one of which has the button. The button end has hard plastic but the action end is covered with the silicone. It’s about the size a Pocket Rocket would be and it packs a punch.

It is amazingly rumbly and Princess Clittie seems to react to it very quickly without feeling battered like would often happen with hard plastic lipstick vibes. I managed to have two orgasms in quick succession and they didn’t feel mechanical at all. One good orgasm is the norm and it happens in a couple of minutes and that is rare for a vibe.

The Chaiamo feels velvety soft to the touch because of the silicone, has a magnetic USB charger, charges for three hours and gives you three hours of playtime and has ten speeds and patterns. I’m not normally a pattern eprson but some of the wavy ones are really nice for my body type. I don’t have exact dimensions but I am guessing it is about 5 to 6 inches or 13.5 to 15 CM in length and an inch or 2.5 cm in width.

I would love to wax lyrical about this vibe. I’ve been using only this toy for most of my trip and the fact that I get quick orgasms from it has made a very difficult situation a lot easier.

You can get yourself one of these little beauties at Peep Show Toys and I will make a little bit of commission when you do as it is an affiliate link.

here is an article about the Ruby Glow from Tabitha herself as I wanted to mention the Eroticon sponsors.
href=”https://therubyglow.com/2019/01/25/ruby-glow-to-sponsor-eroticon-for-third-year/” rel=”nofollow”>Ruby Glow to sponsor Eroticon for third year

A Review of the Frank’s Monster by Lust Arts Fantasy Adult Toys

Last year, I was lucky enough to be given a Frank’s Monster dildo by the lovely people at Lust Arts to review and though it’s taken me a while to get there, it’s time to make that review a reality.

The Frank’s Monster is made of dual density silicone which means it is body safe. It is also very textured without being horrible to clean. It does tend to gobble up lube when used so make sure you have a lot of water-based lube on hand when using it.

For me, it’s a case of my eyes being a bit too big for my belly because I got the biggest sized one. I think I would be better off with the one a size down from that. It did feel good and girthy when I used it and I had a lovely big orgasm but it took ages to get it in right and there was a bit of tenderness after use despite lots of lube. I think if I get another one, it will be the size down and perhaps slightly squishier but not squishy enough to be bendy.

I also found the huge balls on the bottom to be a little bit difficult to hold onto, particularly with slippery lube.

I think I would definitely use and enjoy this toy if I made the aforementioned changes when ordering it for myself. I have to say, the people at the company were very accomodating and always ready to help.


Total length: 7.8 inches or 19.8 CM
Diameter: 2.75 inches or 4 CM

If you would like to buy yourself a Frank’s Monster from Lust Arts, you can get one by going to Lust Arts Fantasy Adult Toys

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

A Review of the Splashpad from Anna Rae

You know how sometimes a few little things can come together and if the timing were a little different or the day a little off, things would change drastically? Well it was like that with my experiences with the Splashpad.

I put in an order for a few Cumpanions and Cuddles and Anna Rae let me know that something new and exciting was going to come in soon and it was going to be the Splashpad. Around the same time, one of my very good friends, who is a prolific squirter had been having trouble with ruining her bed. As she is also a play friend, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to test things out for a review.

I gave it to her as a birthday present and so I waited for her to come to visit me and she opened it up and immediately noticed how soft it was. She asked if it was going to work so as I’d never used it before, it being brand new, we decided to test it out.

Now this girl doesn’t just splash a little bit. She gushes. You can hear it when it happens. It happens multiple times as well and she goes for a relatively long time. By the time we were done, she could put her hand on the splashpad and it made a squelching sound there was so much fluid.

When I felt underneath the splashpad and on my mattress, there was nothing there!!! The Splashpad had absorbed all of that fluid and not let a single drop go onto my bed!!

I’ve washed it a few times in the washing machine and dried it too and nothing bad has happened there either. It just goes back to its usual state and you can use it again.

I am so impressed with this device, I want to get one for myself to take to play dates or parties in case someone is lucky enough to make squirting happen for me. The good thing about it is that it folds up to a relatively small size so you can put it into a relatively small backpack to take to play dates or parties.

You can get one of these here

Dimensions: Length: 3 feet or 90 CM
Width 2.5 feet or 75 CM

Affiliate links were used in this post.
The Cuddle Bean I referred to in this post is now called the Playmate. I kept the name as it was because that is what it was called when I bought it.

A Review of the Blush Novelties Avant D3

One of the wonderful pieces of swag I received as a result of going to Woodhull last year was the Avant D3 from Blush Novelties. I felt it in my hands when Ducky was showing me all of the toys on the Blush table and my first thought was “yes, I definitely want to feel the girth of this device” so I asked for it to be shipped to me as part of the offer to get some toys to review.

The first thing I noticed was that though it was sort of penis-shaped, it isn’t completely realistic. It is as if someone thought of what a penis looks like and carved an abstract art version. The result is that there is a head like a penis has but there are two bumps on the top so that when it goes in, it hugs all of the pleasureable places and lets you squeeye and respond as if it were made for your insides. I enjoy the feel of those bumps rubbing against my G spot and the head hitting the A spot when I thrust it in nice and deep.

The second thing is the smoothness and the fact that there is a little give when squeezing but the middle is hard enough that it isn’t going to bend so much that you have trouble inserting it.

I haven’t had the chance to use a harness with it yet and the suction cup feels nice and firm just in case I wanted to stick it to something but I have to say, it has become one of my staple daily use dildos because it is just so easy to insert and easy to squeeze and coupled with a clit toy like the Exposure Bullet or the Mini Swan Wand, it means I am going to be getting some really good orgasms.

Insertable Length: 7.5 inches or 19.05 CM
Width: 1.5 inches or 3.81 CM

You can get this wonderful toy at SheVibe Pleasure Boutique and Peep Show Toys

I’d like to thank Ducky Doolittle from Blush Novelties for all of her help in getting me this toy to review. Affiliate links were used in this post.

A Review of In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl

On Saturday the 2nd of November, I was fortunate enough to be able to experience the award-nominated play by Sarah Ruhl, either called In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play. I was also lucky enough that the showing was audio described, though the play would have worked well enough without AD.

It is the 1880s. Electricity has just been brought into richer houses. Dr. Givings is studying early psychology practices and has invented a wonderful new machine which he uses to treat women for Hysteria. This machine is an electrical vibrator and the treatment he proscribes is orgasms or “paroxisms” and lots of them.

Though he is observant, he fails to see that his wife Catherine, who has just had a new baby and is running out of milk, is feeling neglected and unloved. One of his patients has a housekeeper, a woman of colour, who recently lost a baby so she is then employed as a wetnurse and the situation develops from there.

Catherine gets lonely and with the help of the other patients as well as the midwife and the housekeeper, not only does she learn about what her husband is doing in the next room, but she learns a lot about love, how the body works, how to take back her powere as a woman and a myriad of other things about herself and others.

Because our group was composed of blind and vision impaired people, we had a tactile tour before the play. We were allowed to feel the whole set including the vibrator and the multiple heads being used. I think that Funkit Kenton would have had a field day. The set designer was very clever. The costumes and the furniture were all very ornate, as would have been seen in the house of a well-to-do doctor in the 1880s. The audio description was done very thoroughly as always and even with this kind of play, they were not squeamish.

The play not only dealt with subjects such as empowering women and sexuality in general, also, the lack thereof and even some issues surrounding race and gender as one patient was a man who suffered from hysteria, a very rare case, and there was a way to “cure” him as well. Two parts stood out vividly to me. One where Leo, a painter, is saying that his friend was so aghast seeing his wife for the first time after marriage because no one had told him women had body hair. He had only seen them in statues. The other was when the wet-nurse told the women that the feelings they were getting were like the ones she had when having relations with her husband and one of the other women said, after they had all sounded aghast at this, that her husband was so considerate, he told her to close her eyes so the pain would go away more quickly. Such barbaric times and there are still people who deal with this on a daily basis in 2018.

I would thoroughly recommend the play to anyone interested in history, the evolution of sexuality and sexual education. There were many comedic elements but among those, so many little scenes that were designed to make you think. I think the play is deserving of the prizes for which it was nominated.

Review of the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow

Since discovering that in fact, I do like vibes, I’ve looked for things to review and one of them, because of its unusual design and audience, was the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow and I am so glad I did. If you have no idea what is being put into your hand, you will be baffled at first unless you’ve read reviews and know what you’re looking for.

It’s so hard to describe but basically, it’s a silicone-covered piece of plastic that has a ball at one end and a thing like a tooth with notches on one side at the other. It sits on a flat surface with the ball and the tooth thing sticking out on the top. It has two buttons at the tooth end to adjust both the ball and the tooth. There are 10 functions for each motor as well. The idea is that you sit on it and ride it. it is powered by two tripple A batteries.

I’ve been cynical about riding things but this device actually worked for me. I sat on it with the ball bit where my vagina is and the tooth bit such that I can rub my clit onit and rock back and forward and that worked really well. i even had a very nice building-up type orgasm that I like. It’s only happened once so far but edging with this vibe is really pleasant. It’s non-penetrative so if I want to be filled, I will need to put in some Kegel balls or similar.

I didn’t expect to like this toy as much as I did. I was very pleasantly surprised and am happy to recommend it to those who want hands-free outer stimulation.

I look forward to being allowed to review more from Rocks-Off as it feels like they could be a good fit for me. I love unusual vibes as well as bullets and pebbles.


Length: 6.5 inches or 16.51 CM
Girth: 7 inches or 17.78 CM at largest point
Width: 2.25 inches or 5.71 CM at largest point
Material: body safe phalate
free silicone
cleaning: It’s splash proof so gentle soap and water or a toy cleaner will do the trick

if you would like to get your hands on a Rocks-Off Ruby Glow, you can buy it at
SheVibe Pleasure Boutique

Review of the We-Vibe Sync

Everyone has one. The company or toy that is the equivalent of your first love. Mine is We-Vibe.

I didn’t like vibrators. Any I tried to use just didn’t work or didn’t feel good or just felt too mechanical or the orgasms didn’t give me that going up the slope feeling I could get with using my hands. Then I got the We-Vibe Sync and everything changed completely.

The We-Vibe Sync is a U shape with flexible hinges that adjust to suit the body’s shape. There is a fatter side which sits on the clitoris and a thinner side that sits inside roughly where the G-Spot should be. You can control it via its button that is on the clit side, the remote control which comes with the vibe or through the WeConnect app which is available on Ios and Android. It has the usual ten speeds and patterns and you can make your own when you use the app.

The app is accessible as such on Ios but very clunky with Voice-Over. I’m not sure how it works with the Google Accessibility Suite or TalkBack. It is compatible with Ios version 9, iPhone 5 and Android 4.4 or later.

Adding a lover isn’t fun unless someone sends you a link and you can open that in the app. Also, I’ve had the experience that the app crashes a lot on the other side, the connection doesn’t stay on for very long and things just take so long to set up that frustration is the name of the game. Hopefully this will change soon because I want to experience teledildonics at its best.

I tried it the first time and though I didn’t come with it, I edged for a long time. Then came the day when I came from it and I wanted to sing Hallelujah. See I had never had a hands-free orgasm in a sexual way and I find it hard to let another person make me orgasm without my help. I did it with the WeVibe Sync and it wasn’t completely mechanical. It actually felt good and I could keep doing it. This was a huge milestone for me. This is why I on the one hand want to wax lyrical and on the other hand, have no words. If it’s not situated right, I need to move it really quickly while coming because it’s too much otherwise.

Then there is the feeling when someone else controls it from their device. I love hackers. this is something everyone knows about me. Everyone else is scared of them, I’m the one that says “gimme!!” So the idea of someone controlling my sexual pleasure via some kind of teledildonics and talking infosec while doing it is the hottest thing there is on this Earth for me. The fact that this is a possibility is amazing to me and I’m glad I have a toy that does it and is relatively accessible. I can tell a sighted or blind person what to do with it It’s a hugely level playing field.

In the box you get the toy itself, the USB charger, the hard plastic case, a sample of lube and the remote control as well as various paper things. It’s slightly different if you get it in the Anniversary Collection but I don’t have that as yet but when I do, I will talk about it.

Dimensions: 74.8 mm x 31.4 mm x 41.7 mm or 2.95 inches x 1.22 inches x 1.64 inches.
Material: silicone coating
Body safe: yes
Waterproof: yes

If you want to get yourself one of these, you can get it from SheVibe Pleasure Boutique which is an affiliate link.

Affiliate links were used in this post. I bought this toy as a birthday present for myself before becoming a blogger but this means I have it to review.

A Review of the Tantus Steam Hunk By Tantus Inc

You know those toys where you think they are quite innocuous but they sneak up on you? That is how the Steam Hunk from Tantus Inc was for me.

I had heard about this wonderful science fiction eddifice but I had no idea what to imagine in my hands but luckily, the people at Tantus were willing to send it to me so I would know what to expect and could review it for everyone’s pleasure, mine included.

The feel was so stimtastic and different to anythingI have ever experienced when it comes to dildos. It was so robot-like and you could feel the straps and rivets and the hydraulic chambers feel a bit like capsules of the medicinal variety. I always use some kind of clitoral vibe while using a dildo because I need both kinds of stimulation. I usually use the Wevibe Tango or the Mini Swan Wand but the Je Joue Mimi or the bullet from Fun Factory are also good for this.

I thought with the relative narrowness and lack of length that not too much would happen with this toy but the head hit my G-spot and the dual density silicone made it so squeezing felt really good and then the orgasm arrived unexpectedly and was relatively intense.

It’s a toy that I would use sometimes but the feel and texture make it so that I would probably get distracted so much playing with it that I’d forget to use it for its intended purpose.

Measurements: 6.78 inches by 1.69 inches or 14.68 cm by 4.29 cm

If you would like to try the Steam Hunk for yourself, you can get it at the following places.
Tantus Inc
Peep Show Toys
SheVibe Pleasure Boutique
I was given the Steam Hunk by Tantus Inc in exchange for an unbiased review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

A Review of Hard Drive by M. Christian

When M. Christian tweeted that he was looking for reviewers for his new anthology of tech-based erotica, I was champing at the bit to get a copy to review. Everyone who reads my blog and my twitter knows that I have a huge thing for nerds and sex and tech and what better way to combine those than in a book of tech-based erotic stories.

I was sent a PDF of the book very promptly when I emailed him and the book was in real text so it was accessible for me to read with my PDF reading program on my PC. it will most likely be readable with Voice Dream Reader and iBooks too on your smartphone. I can’t say much about any illustrations. Even if I got someone to describe them to me, I would just be talking about descriptions of said images so I will leave that part for someone who can talk about those from their own experiences.

The first thing which struck me while reading this book was how extremely sensory his writing style is. The descriptions of colours and feelings were so bright and vivid that I sometimes needed to take a break because my imagination makes me feel what I hear and read. On the other hand, it’s wonderful to know that others are very sensory and synaesthetic as well.

I also noticed as a theme all the way throughout the book the need for humans to connect with their tech and the numerous ways in which this was portrayed. From the idea of a doll who serviced one person on Fridays and the need for that person to show kindness to her to the taxi which held someone in its thrall with sexy dreams and so many other scenes, that strong need for a person to connect even in situations where connecting isn’t advised was prevalent.

The stories explored all different orientations and gender identities as well. Not only could people and their tech have different genders and orientations, these could change and often did. From this point of view, it seems that there is something for most people in the anthology.

Personally, I found the book difficult to get into. The stream of consciousness feel felt jarring to me. I didn’t get sucked into the stories and there was no point of reference for me. Also, because of how sensory everything was, I found it difficult to feel relaxed. There wasn’t the level of mental interaction that I need when reading erotica that is supposed to make me want to masturbate or to have a sexual encounter but that could be due to my very specific set of needs where that is concerned. This doesn’t mean that the book was bad, just that it wasn’t a good fit for me.

Thanks to M. Christian for allowing me to review his book. If you would like to get a copy of this book or others from the author, you can find a comprehensive list of his works here.

I received a copy of the book hard Drive in exchange for an unbiased review.

A Review of the Tantus Sam by Tantus Inc

Because I loved the Tantus Uncut 2, I wanted to review something with a bit more girth so the lovely people there sent me Sam to play with. It’s got a similar feel to what the Uncut 2 has but is a lot wider and a bit longer and there is a hole for a bullet vibe as well as a suction cup. Both come with the toy and you can alternate.

This wonderful hunk of dreamy silicone is 1.8 inches or 4.57 cm wide and 7.3 inches or 18.54 cm long and feels very penis-like when inside. The dual density silicone means that there’s give but also hardness when you squeeze and that feels so good. Even though I feel really full when using it, I don’t feel pain of any kind and I want to gush and splash everything.

I am really looking forward to what this beauty does if someone else is using it on me. I prefer using it with the suction cup because I am a still or thrusting dildo but bullet on the clit type of person.

Before I continue to wax lyrical, I’d better let you all know that you can get your own Sam at the following shops.

Tantus Inc
Peep Show Toys
SheVibe Pleasure Boutique

The Tantus Sam was sent to me by Tantus Inc in exchange for an unbiased review. Affiliate links were used in this post.