A Review of the Splashpad from Anna Rae

You know how sometimes a few little things can come together and if the timing were a little different or the day a little off, things would change drastically? Well it was like that with my experiences with the Splashpad.

I put in an order for a few Cumpanions and Cuddles and Anna Rae let me know that something new and exciting was going to come in soon and it was going to be the Splashpad. Around the same time, one of my very good friends, who is a prolific squirter had been having trouble with ruining her bed. As she is also a play friend, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to test things out for a review.

I gave it to her as a birthday present and so I waited for her to come to visit me and she opened it up and immediately noticed how soft it was. She asked if it was going to work so as I’d never used it before, it being brand new, we decided to test it out.

Now this girl doesn’t just splash a little bit. She gushes. You can hear it when it happens. It happens multiple times as well and she goes for a relatively long time. By the time we were done, she could put her hand on the splashpad and it made a squelching sound there was so much fluid.

When I felt underneath the splashpad and on my mattress, there was nothing there!!! The Splashpad had absorbed all of that fluid and not let a single drop go onto my bed!!

I’ve washed it a few times in the washing machine and dried it too and nothing bad has happened there either. It just goes back to its usual state and you can use it again.

I am so impressed with this device, I want to get one for myself to take to play dates or parties in case someone is lucky enough to make squirting happen for me. The good thing about it is that it folds up to a relatively small size so you can put it into a relatively small backpack to take to play dates or parties.

You can get one of these here

Dimensions: Length: 3 feet or 90 CM
Width 2.5 feet or 75 CM

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The Cuddle Bean I referred to in this post is now called the Playmate. I kept the name as it was because that is what it was called when I bought it.

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