Well it has been a while but wow do I have some updates to tell all of you.

For all of my companies waiting on reviews, I haven’t forgotten you. Executive dysfunction sucks but it will happen even if it takes ages. I take my responsibilities seriously even if there’s a delay.

I also have joined a new polyfam and although I am not romantically with anyone in this group, the support and love I have gained from them is so wonderful and so needed. Empress is a Dominant and the natural D/s we have is so helpful to me. As I said, we are not together or in a dynamic but she knows that sometimes I need the decisions taken away and she does it so well. GirlCaged, my friend and her sub looks after me as well. She reminds me that I can’t serve everyone and that I can be human sometimes. That help is invaluable in times of anxiety and fear of being abandonned. Yes I have those fears sometimes. Spyke is Emperess’s male partner and we have playtime together sometimes when his energy levels are good enough to do that. When not, we are nerdy together and I love that!! He even took me to an infosec event which was amazing. I understood what was going on and he liked looking at my interested face.

All of these wonderful people help me so much and I am so glad to be able to call them chosen family.

I have also realised I am a service slave. I love this but sometimes it’s led to all manner of untenable situations so therefore I have looked for and found a wonderful mentor to help me figure out what all of this means. I write notes before and after sessions so I can document my journey here if he is alright with that.

An appointment has been made to have sleep tests done for a night and hopefully that will mean my own CPAP machine which I can take with me on trips and such. I love CPAP sleep as I feel rested afterwards.

Other things are happening but if I write about them all now, I will have nothing to post in subsequent weeks so here’s my update and I hope to be writing a lot more posts in the next snatch of time and space. Update Post

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