I am a kinky, blind, polyamorous cis woman born in the wonderful generation people have called the Oregon Trail generation or Xennials. We arrived when tech was starting out and the Internet was only available at universities and called something else entirely.

I have so often heard about how sex-obsessed I am so I decided to make that work for me and for others as well. Hopefully it will be called “sex geekery” or “willingness to educate” and seen as normal one day that I am proud to be as open as I am.

You’ll find everything on here from reviews to introspections. A sexy fantasy one week, an accessibility rant the next, and a sensory synaesthetic experience the one after that.

I love to cook, read, write, knit, look after geeks and play and listen to music. More can be found in my first post.

Oh, and if you would like to show your appreciation for what I do, you can always buy me a coffee

Here is my list of affiliate links so far. It will be updated whenever they come in.

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Work With Me

A list of other skills I have for those who would like to work with me:

* Audio transcription

Have you just done an amazing audio presentation but don’t want to or don’t have the ability to type up your notes? I am here to help. For $1.00 US per audio minute, I will send you a text file of everything that was said in your audio presentation as quickly as I can get it done. It will be a text file so you have flexibility for formatting and conversion.

* Basic Consultation regarding making audio recordings

So you want to make a podcast, record your orgasms, read stories aloud that others have written? You know it’s possible but have no idea where to even start? For $20.00 US per hour, I will sit down with you and advise you on your options, whether it be phone, computer, a hybrid of both, which microphones to use, etc.

* Hypnosis

I am a certified hypnotherapist with the Australian Success Academy as well as having done a course with the Vision Impaired Guild of Hypnotists. I charge $150.00 AUD an hour but I do have rates for those who are on a low income if needed.

* Sponsored and guest posts

I am more than happy to write sponsored and guest posts for companies and bloggers about topics such as audio, accessibility, hypnosis and even fiction. Work with me to find a rate which works for you.

Email [email protected] or hit me up on my @helenstoybox twitter account. My DM’s are open so you can message even if we don’t follow each other.
Skill sets will be added to this list as soon as they come up.


Well it has been a while but wow do I have some updates to tell all of you. For all of my companies waiting on reviews, I haven’t forgotten you. Executive dysfunction sucks but it will happen even if it takes ages. I take my responsibilities seriously even if there’s a delay. I also have …

The Nazi Next-Door

I can imagine that this is going to be one of those pieces of writing which will make people think or screech. I’m OK with either as long as it’s done constructively. These are things which happened in real life. The names have been changed obviously to protect people who can’t protect themselves. I lived …