What I am doing and hope to do to Get to The Sexual Freedom Summit at Woodhull

I am a relatively new blogger, having started in August 2017. I have been blind since birth which gives me a slightly different perspective on everything from sex to travel to accessibility. I also suspect that I am kissing the autism spectrum but there is no piece of paper for that just yet.

I don’t normally post lots of posts but I will be in the next little bit in the hopes that it will help me to get to Woodhull. Here are the things I have done so far and after that, the things I want to do and need some help to make a reality.

What I have done so far:

Blogged very regularly so people will notice me;
been very active on twitter, following, interacting with newand old followers;
educated myself when I need to about social situations and possible goofs;
joined the #BlogSquad workspace on slack via invitation;
applied for the scholarship for marginalised bloggers;
asked for funding help through paypal.me/toyboxhelen and offered self-produced music in return to those who donate.

What I hope to do:

Keep promoting social media and the donation link;
put up sponsored posts of erotic fiction;
do the sponsorship course by Jo Ellen Notte;
write about my experiences at Woodhull on the blog afterwards;
anything else I have forgotten or don’t know about yet.

I am calling those sex toy companies who would be interested. WeVibe, Satisfier, Liberator, byannarae.com, Hot Octopuss, I am talking to you as I know you but if there are any others who would like to join in the fun, here is what I can give you right now given my huge lack of wordpress skills.

I can mention you in my stories by name and website;
I can tweet about you at least once a week until Woodhull, more with a sliding scale to be discussed with you to taylor it to your needs;
wear any murchandise you send when at Woodhull;
feature you in the write-up I do at the end when I come back.

If I total up all of the funds I will need for everything, it will come to about $2000 US on a shoestring, $3000 if given a little slack. That includes return flights from Frankfurt to Washington DC, uber/lift sharing to get to the con, food while at the con, share in room prices, and maybe a little bit of spending money while there if other things are not too expensive.

Well, that was pretty nerve wracking and probably one of the scariest things I have ever written but I’m glad you’ve stayed with me so far and I hope to hear some good news from you soon.

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