As it has been a pretty long time since I put out a post, I think I should probably tell what’s been happening and what is likely to happen soon.

I am in the process of finishing a review and will be starting another one with a more well-known company very soon about which I am really excited. I hope it goes well and I am a little bit nervous.

I now have pictures sorted out to make the site actually look like a real blog site and less like a new install of Word Press. Unfortunately, I don’t know Word Press and don’t have the funds to get a professional to do all the things just now so I am relying on people who have their own lives, trials and tribulations and things will be done on their schedule. All that has to be done is to place things where they belong and it should look better very soon.

Hopefully, after all of that, I will have a lot more to blog about and a nice clean new spiffy looking place to put my musings and ramblings.

Please bear with me until then. I am very grateful that you hang in there and follow what I do. It’s all pretty new to me and I’m just holding on for the wild ride.

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