Things I have Learnt from Almost a Year of Blogging

In august 2017, I started the Helen’s Toybox blog and it has been an interesting ride. I’ve had a big hiatus because of visiting family but even with that, it’s been a year of discovery and I have learnt so much. I think it’s about time I shared some of those things with you.

* Content is key

It doesn’t matter if your site isn’t all full of gimmicky pics and every little thing isn’t lined up right. If you keep writing on a regular basis, even if it is just a tweet or two to let people know that you still exist, you will be alright. You can rt old posts or schedule posts if you aren’t well or new content just isn’t coming.

* The Blog Squad are lovely and here to help and yes, they are people, not big celebrities

I am still learning this myself but other bloggers are here, they remember how it was to be new, and are happy to help. From posts about how to know your worth to tips on body safe toys to offers for paid work if you have a subset of skills they could use, it’s a wonderful community and no one will be upset if you follow or ask or offer to help.

* Ask and ye shall receive

I am still new at this but I have received a lot already just because I asked. I might get to help someone with site accessibility in exchange for their product. I have reviewed toys from three companies so far where I either got something for free or I got a discount. A fourth company has something in the mail for me. I have affiliate links and even people who have used them. I am going to Woodhull this year because I applied for the scholarship. I got a transcription job and a guest post on someone’s blog because I put myself out there and this has been really hard for me to do until I started this blog. Maybe it will help me in my non-toybox life too.

* Everyone blogs differently

@girlonthenet says “nobody does itquite like you” and that is so true. Others have probably done posts similar to this one but no one does it exactly the same and having the point-of-view of various people is helpful.

* You have a subset of skills that is unique to just you

I can tell you if a site will be accessible for screen readers. I speak two languages fluently and a few others a bit more rustily. I play the piano, I sing and I have done training in audio transcription. I know a bit about phone phreaking and love to do voice-overs. I understand a bit about audio engineering, can do reflexology and hypnosis. I also have a nack of bringing the people together who would most likely get along well or could use the skills of the other person, though I don’t know what that skill’s called.

These are skills that I have and this subset is probably pretty rare. They are quirky skills to have but you’d be surprised how many people look for a subset of those skills for certain things. No matter what your skill set, someone will want something you have at some point.

Maybe there are other things but these are the main ones I have learnt throughout this almost year.

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