The Sexual Orientation Lightbulb Moment

I discovered something a little while ago which to some people may be a little thing but to me is huge and it happened while I was working on my profile on OKCupid. They count sapiosexuality as a sexual orientation!!

Intelligence has always been the first criterion with which I have measured attractiveness. I didn’t even realise until now that it even removes gender from the equation and that is new for me. Voice is of course hugely important to me but there is a point before I have the experience of the voice where the mind comes first. This is where I realise that my true sexual orientation is not bi or pansexual like I thought. It’s sapiosexual. I measure a person’s attractiveness on their level of intelligence and capability to deal with adversity. Listening to a person cracking code and explaining how they do it is the equivalent of the hottest porn movie on the planet for me.Someone being passionate about what they can do is guaranteed to give me wet panties. There is nothing sexier to me then to hear someone expostulating on something which requires a lot of intelligence. Having said that, it is also a given that the person needs to actually know what they are talking about. Posing is extremely unattractive.

It is not the only measurement for physical attraction for me. A person needs to show empathy honesty and integrity as well. It is just the first level. It is the thing that will get a person noticed. It is the thing that captures my emotions and my heart.

It is the reason why, from now on, if there is an option to tick the box labelled Sapiosexual on a form regarding sexual orientation, that will be me all the way.

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