The Mindsets of Sex and Kink

On the day I write this post, it’s Sunday the 9th of the 9th and I had two incidents that made me think about the same thing so here goes.

Because most of my arousal is a mental thing, I find myself getting hot more about a specific mindset than about acts themselves. This can apply to sex, kink or both.

I have a person I consider a friend. She is into many different things and some I get, some I don’t. The one thing though that stands out to me when I read her snippets or the things that get her going is the mindset and that is what gets me hot too. I’m a little but not into diapers/nappies. I am into humiliation and so is she. It’s a different kind but the root is the same.

There was also a post written by someone else about something completely different. They used words I wouldn’t use, there were references to things I would see as a hard limit but despite that, the story left me a quivering pile of liquid jelly because of the main mindset. In this case, it was emotional masochism.

For some, sex is a physical grunting growling mess. For me, it’s very cerebral and kink even more so.

Names, states of mind, the humiliating feel of being degraded, it’s all a case of mindset and sometimes, the barriers that can cross would be unimaginable if you ddin’t understand that fact.

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  1. when I first read this the subject of arousal has been an interesting one to say the least. I was always made to believe that I had to control it but it’s sometimes beyond my control because arousal can often be spontaneous or if touch brings it on then it is within my control. having said that, by way of saying arousal is a mental thing getting touchy feely might be on the mind and it’s the desire that we imagine. so does this mean that the reason for masturbation might be a way to act out the desire? I’m not sure if I’m making sense or I’m just spouting bullshit but it’s the only way I could put it into words. shows how much sex education I’ve lacked over the years and the secrecy that I swear myself to to try and ignore it.

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