The kink that changed my life that isn’t mine

Sometimes, you hear about a person’s kink and are like “well, that’s not for me” and move on. Let me tell you about a kink that’s definitely not mine but it changed my life.

I fell in love with him because of his voice. It’s rich, deep and velvety and hypnotic. I’ll call him %Brian% in this article.

So I had no idea that when he and I decided to become a thing, that his biggest kink would be the one that scares me the most but it turned out that that was the case. The strange thing is, it never occurred to me to reject him or to reject his kink even though I was scared. It was like “OK, he’s into this, my job is to make him happy.”

Electricity has scared me since I was a little kid. Power points, lightning, that sparky sound people use to show that the power is live and dangerous? Yeah, all of that is scary. So to find out that someone I am very close to is into electrostim? Yeah, that just made me need to sit back and take a look at what I knew so far.

I have always been the type of person who thinks out of the box a little bit and so when %Brian% asked me if we could try things remotely, I wanted to see what that would be like.

I won’t tell exactly how I did it but it involved talking to him on an app on my phone while running the tones he was using for his brand of electro through my mixer on another program and playing with the levels to increase and decrease current.

This was before remotely controllable toys existed. so when I heard about teledildonics, my ears pricked up and I not only was interested but wanted it done to me. It’s one of my biggest kinks now and if it hadn’t been for conquering part of my fear, I wouldn’t have wanted to go there quite as quickly.

As for my fear of electricity, I am still very scared of receiving electrostim but giving is OK which is big and if %Brian% ever wanted to do it to me, even though we are just friends now, I would at least want to try even if trying means running away after the first tingly feelings. I want to see if I can experience the good parts that some know and love.

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