So Much Going On

This last week has been full of new and interesting experiences all round and I thought I would chat about those today.

Last Thursday, I wrote my first real HTML links. I know, you might say, that’s not a big deal. But to me, the person who is known for saying “I don’t code”, it’s huge. Not only did I write them but they work. I also was able to fix them when I learnt about no follow links from @girlonthenet. That saved me from some horrible mistakes. I love how the Blog squad bands together to help each other and look after us newbies or maybe that’s “n00bs”?

I also received a toy to review from Tantus Inc and will be receiving one in the next little while from Split Peaches as well. Let’s hope that Customs over here will play nice with me this time.

There has been wonderful playtime as well, albeit virtual, with a new person. Henceforth, he will be known on here as Mr. Wordsworth. I say this because to him, it doesn’t matter what words he’s got to use for me, he says it’s always worth it to hear me come for him. He also loves the Daddy thing and I really enjoy playing with him. I’m not dating him as such but he gave me a task and I don’t feel bad or panicky about doing that task for him. He has said that I need to set aside three minutes of every day for pleasure and make it like a bathroom break. It makes me receive pleasure which is very important for me right now, especially with all that is going on. I forget to do it and then I get antsy. It feels nice that someone is helping me with all of this at the moment but I don’t have to feel obligated like I would if I were dating him. We talked about it and he feels the same. He would find the relationship thing a bit much as well so it suits us down to the ground.

He also loves the fact that I get hot about hacker speak and exploits that vulnerability at every opportunity.

I was allowed to write my first ever guest post this week for @joannesreviews about writing orgasms. You can find that post here.

On Tuesday evening, I did an interview with Gio @ConsensuallySpk from the Consensually Speaking podcast. It was rather rambly and I am hoping I didn’t say something that would offend people. If I did, it was certainly not meant to be malicious. When the podcast comes out, I will make sure that I link to it on the blog.

It’s finally starting to feel real that I’m actually a sex blogger of some description and that maybe I have something to offer the community. Yeah, I know, it’s been almost a year, but it takes a while to process these things sometimes.

Affiliate links have been used in this post. I was also paid to write the guest post by Joanne herself but not by any companies mentioned in said post.

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