One of my Deepest and Darkest Fantasies

Hello my wonderful readers,

Today it’s confession time.

People talk about having dark fantasies and they involve blood or needles or wax, even sometimes breath play. Mine’s different because most people wouldn’t class it as being dark but relatively normal. Because of being an empath and having a propensity to be highly sensitive, well, it’s dark for me.

I have a fantasy of having a sugar daddy and it would be amazing to experience it in real life one day. There, I said it and I feel relieved but I’d really enjoy elabourating here so the readers can see what my version of that means because it’s a bit different to how most people would want it.

So because I am definitely a BBW, if I were to put an add out there for this, I would clearly state that. I would also state that I would be searching for someone who is either very musical, very techy/geeky or both. i would get one of my artistic friends to take a flattering but truthful picture of me and put it up where I would advertise and write a text of some kind stating that I wanted these things in a sugar daddy.

I’d of course talk to him, see what his voice does, his accent, make sure he had my user guide and would be willing to use it. I’d let him know that I am openly polyamorous, all of the things that are in the need to know basket, but I would, for the time he has me, be at his disposal on the days we arrange to meet. We would, of course, negotiate about kink and I would want him to be able to enjoy my kinks with me.

Now the interesting bit of this is what I call the sugar part of the equation. I want sugar, definitely, but some of it would be stuff that a lot of people wouldn’t have even thought about.

If I want jewellery, which I don’t normally, it would be anything from Elegant Insights Braille Creations but mostly the practical stuff although a nice sensory charm bracelet or necklace would push my pretty buttons. It’s not mandatory though and I would prefer things like luggage tags or key chains, things that are useful.

I would like him to get me clothes but I would want him to take me to where you get them and choose them with me. I have a certain style that I like in which I feel safe so I would want my new wardrobe to reflect that. I actually dress very conservatively because I know that nothing will fall out or be seen by the wrong people in those kinds of things. I enjoy having the classic look, the look that works at a party or a church equally well. Not that I go to church but clothes are not a place where I act slutty, not that slutty is a bad thing you understand.

But my biggest source of sugar would be tech. The latest Apple products, the latest phone from Google, a big audio mixer with subgroups like an X32 producer or something like that, maybe some little things like a second set of good binaurals and a Milestone or a Plextalk Pocket or Victor Reader Stream. I could even ask for a Zoom H6.

I would have to actually look very hard to find things that would count as sugar. Holidays could be a thing but only a certain type. Luxurious food and drink and jewels would make me feel more uncomfortable than anything else.

and that is why, if I were to have a sugar daddy, it would have to be a special kind of person who would understand all of this.

This was not a sponsored post.

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