My First Experience with Impact Play

Maybe it isn’t my first experience as I have been spanked with a bear hand before but this is the first time someone has used a paddle on me. It was the Plunge Paddle from Tantus and it got used when I had a play date with someone who we will call Sir J.

I was showing him my toy box and when he saw the paddle, he asked if I liked to be spanked and when I said I did, he told me to turn over and so he started spanking me, first with light taps and then later with heavier stinging thwacks which made my bum cheeks feel like they had been doused with chili powder. It wasn’t pain as such but the whole experience was so sensory. I was expecting more sexuality, more pain perhaps, but not that it would just be really sensory. It made me take time out to concentrate on all of the feelings and sensations.

The best bit however, was when he started rubbing my cheeks with his hands after using the paddle on them. They just felt so alive, so willing to take his touch. I actually said to him that now I knew what the fuss was about where that was concerned.

He was very sweet and didn’t go any further than he should have. I would definitely do it again, though I have to say that that part was definitely more about the sensations than anything sexual. The only thing that would have made it sexual would have been if he had said things which would have activated the switches in my brain that handle that kind of thing. I don’t feel any kind of subspace with him. He doesn’t ring my bell that way but he is geeky and he will speak to me in the ways I like.

We did have sexual play but it was separate from the impact play. I would definitely do both again with him and maybe next time, I can use the other end of the Plunge.

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