I&S LLC the Beginning

This was the result of a question I asked on twitter. So what happens if an incubus and a succubus get together? Do they cancel each other out?

here’s my take on it. It’s the result of a couple of hours of writing and it’s probably not perfect, most likely too innoocent for a sex blog, but I’m putting it up anyway.

Trigger warning ………… non-consentual scenes …………

Part 1 Lena

Lena walked through the halls of the hospital to her next patient deep in thought. She’d been doing this job for five years now and though it was an adequate solution for everyone, it hadn’t always been so easy for her.

She remembered the day when she was eleven, two weeks before her first period came. That feeling you get when nothing but chocolate will do and there is none in the house but with sex. Only, she hadn’t known what it was back then. She was lucky it hadn’t been worse, until Brent.

He was that boy in school that all the girls want but who hadn’t learnt that consent was a thing. She had tried to warn him but he took it as playing hard to get and he paid for it with his life. Up until then, she had been pale and sickly, like when you don’t get enough iron but suddenly, after Brent, all the curves appeared and the shiny hair and she was what people called a sex kitten. That was when she realised what she was. She wasn’t happy that he had wanted to take from her before she was ready to give but in the end, he was happy to be held down and used for her pleasure. He was happy to be coated with her blood until the sleepiness came and stayed.

After that, after feeling guilty that she had taken a life, after wrestling with her demons, she studied hard. There were books about how to be what she was, how to control it effectively. You just had to search for them. Every few months, when things got to critical mass, she would look for one of those guys who thought they were king of the hill and tank up just enough that they only felt they had gone ten rounds, that they were tired and extremely sated but not dead.

She had friends but most of them didn’t know about her powers. To them, she was that slightly slutty girl with the big heart who was there for them, making silly voices and telling jokes to make them laugh or giving them hugs when they were sad. If she played with someone close to her, she was extremely careful with them, making sure she took less than they would even notice, just taking the residuals from their orgasms that they threw out there by default so they wouldn’t get tired.

Then the idea came to her. There must be people in hospitals and prisons who were never going to get out of there alive. Sociopaths and murderers, people like Brent would have become later in life.

She got herself some counseling credentials, even a little bit of skill in hypnosis. She applied to go around to all of the hospitals and prisons round about and ply her trade, disguised as it was. And that is what she had been doing for five years now.

They went willingly. They knew what the alternative was. Being stuck where they were until their deaths not being able to experience outside life. After she had done it for a while, she realised that she could change her appearance at will depending on the person she was visiting and that’s what she did. Some disguises were not pleasant for her, especially when she was in the protected wings of the prisons but she knew that the alternative was worse. They would hurt real innocents if they escaped. Luckily, she was sensitive and could orgasm almost at will so that she would at least gain some physical enjoyment out of her work. Only love was missing and she doubted whether she would ever be able to find it.

Part 2 Heathcliff

Why for the love of all things green and fuzzy had his Mother decided to name him that? It was so awkward for him. It was the same every year at school. he’d get to class and the teachers would swoon and be all “Awww, your Mum loved the Bronte sisters did she?” He’d have to smile and tell them yes, she did, and that when he had arrived, he looked like a miniature Heathcliff so she had streight away called him that. Now, he would get to suffer for eternity. He decided to shorten it to Heath and that had helped until puberty came.

Heath was a quintessential nerd. he got his first computer at seven, an old one no one wanted, and he learnt to make it do what he wanted. He enjoyed getting into the depths of the machine’s mind and having it do his bidding. It was better than doing that with people, a skill he realised he had by accident. He just learnt and observed and was able to tweak a little bit here, push a button there, and computers and people alike would do what he said.

He realised he could either use this skill to help people or to hurt them and as he had been brought up by people who valued honesty and integrity, he chose the helpful path.

The problems came with puberty. As he grew, he realised that something wasn’t right. He was often unwell, listless, the growth spurts and filling out that everyone else experienced weren’t coming to him. They looked to see if it were a hormonal thing but everything there was working as it should. Then he had a class with Mrs. Drisedale.

She was that teacher you dread having. The sadist who starts the year with picking on your name and just keeps going from there. She did everything she could to make Heath’s life a living hell. He wanted to talk to his parents about it but she was nice as pie to them so they assumed he was just being a teenager and didn’t they exagerate things a bit? The other difficult thing was that his usual powers, the ones that would make people do what he wanted, well, they had become unpredictable. It was like holding onto a slippery person who would just slip through your fingers the tighter you held them.

It all came to a head one day when she told him to stay after class. He wasn’t happy about it but did as she asked. She told him to come to her desk and suddenly, she was like a tiger, trying to rip off his clothes and scratch at his skin, grabbing his face to kiss him. He had not expected this and was definitely not consenting.

All at once, it was like the door to her mind had been opened and he saw the darkness within. She was as cruel and sadistic as he had thought, in fact, she was more so. She had plans for him with which he was definitely not in accord but it didn’t matter. He felt his powers coming back in regards to her, a lot more than he had figured they ever would. He probed with his mind, felt a chink and then … there, right inside her mind to the spot where her energy was. He knew how he would have to get it out of her and though he wasn’t good with this, he knew it was going to happen anyway.

She suddenly felt things were not as they should be. Her usual feeling of complete control over her unwilling pupil wasn’t there this time. She felt herself weakening, unable to be the one controlling the encounter. He even asked solicitously if he should do the work while she enjoyed herself, a situation she had never encountered before. Because he didn’t find her that attractive, it took a lot for him to do what he had to do but soon enough, she was languid, sleepy, floppy, scared, then panicked as he finished draining the life force out of her and into himself.

He knew he had to remove all traces of his having been there and he found it was easier than he had thought. He even was able to make it so it looked like he hadn’t spent in her, an automatic perk of having drained her life force from her. It seemed that all he would have to do was wipe everything up with baby wipes and it was as if it had all been her, having a wild time in her classroom by herself and dying of a heart attack.

the one good thing that came of this horrible encounter was that he wasn’t sickly any more. He was able to finish the growing he needed to do. His parents were shocked that five feet and six inches suddenly was sixfeet and two inches with muscles and lustrous dark wavy hair. The rest, well, it still plagued him and kept him up nights. Would he ever be able to find love now he knew what he was?

He decided that the service was for him. He joined up, dealt with the sadists there by lying in wait for them afterwards, getting them to give themselves sexual pleasure and tanking up on their residual energy. They were very unnerved to suddenly be fantasising about a new recruit but they were so much in their own heads that the connection was not made and he passed safely through the ranks to where he wanted to be.

Some of his kills were very interesting. It seemed they would die without weapons. Just have heart attacks while doing things that leaders of enemy camps were not supposed to be doing right then. It was strange, suspicious but because of Heath’s gifts, it was like there was a keep away field and people didn’t enquire over much into his methods. This shocked him as much as it would have shocked anyone if he had told them but he kept it secret. Only being by himself was hard. Everyone else had a partner at home and he was alone except for his parents.

Part 3 Incubus and Succubus

They literally bumped into each other in a cafe. His green smoothie and her thickshake flooding the world, or so it seemed to them. They were both so pissed at having to forego their sweet treats … and then they touched and looked into each other’s eyes and that was it.

They knew. It seemed to happen so fast. They left the cafe, walked quickly, she booking the next available app-based room for rent as they went. They got the key, ran up to the room, closed the door, ripped off clothes, and it was like nothing either of them had ever experienced. Neither had to hold back. They could do as they liked and no life force would go away from the other. It was like having someone who would catch you when you fell, for both of them. They kissed, licked, scratched, bit, rutted, screamed, cried, it was going to be an expensive afternoon. Not only would they need to get new clothes but the matress and sheets on that bed were not going to survive.

They talked well into the night. She about Brent, he about Mrs. Drisedale. they clung together and cried, knowing that finally, someone existed who would understand. Neither had to be alone any more and both could relax with each other.

Exclusivity was never going to be a thing for either of them but they had known that going in. She had her work and he had just left the service but they decided that they would form a team because with his mental gifts and both of their physical ones, they would be able to rid the world of painful people a lot more quickly.

And thus began I&S LLC.

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