First Experiences with the Hook Up Thing

I’ve been on OKC for a number of years now but I hadn’t done much about it for a long time. I started up again recently and I unexpectedly found myself in a position to have a play date with someone on Christmas Eve. How’s that for a present? Well, that, I can tell you.

The idea of just playing with someone I hadn’t even met before made me feel very nervous, I can tell you. I mean, I had had relationships where we met online and then met in person but that’s different. You get to know each other a bit. This wasn’t like that.

We did talk on the phone and I used that conversation to do a lot of negotiating of what was allowed and what wasn’t. I wanted to find out what worked for him and let him know what worked for me. He was all for letting it happen in the moment but not me. I said that’s all good until it isn’t. We discussed what practices we liked and didn’t, what words were OK, how far it was going to go, I think I took a lot of control of the situation and that was healthy. I told him I would be bringing toys and lube and condoms with me. He was totally OK with that. I even told him that I have an IUD and that it’s hormonal just in case the condom were to break. I think my sex geekery was a bit overwhelming for him but I wanted to make sure we were both safe.

I was really worried. Like I didn’t know him. What if something had happened? What if he had been a bad person? I told people where I was going and there was a friend I arranged to text in code when I knew everything was OK. It was risky in the extreme but I didn’t have a bad feeling, though I thought of cancelling on multiple occasions and this is coming from me who prides myself on being very reliable.

Turns out he was lovely, he wasn’t a bad person. We even both had a similar affinity for chickens, though he was impressed that I could make myself sound exactly like his chooks do. I was even allowed to pat one of them and stroke the soft feathers under her wings. I was so softed out, moreso than I was excited at the prospect of having playtime with him.

I did find out that he works with my Mum. I hope it won’t be awkward for him. I made sure not to tell what did or didn’t happen both to her and here for that reason.

What I will say is that these kinds of things are often less daunting than the media makes out. Be careful and as safe as you can be. Maybe the next time, I will be able to tell a lot more than I have with this specific situation. All I will say is that the sapio bit of sapiosexual is very big with me, like it’s a key which unlocks everything. If I don’t have the right key, it could be disastrous and I want to make sure I have the right key and not almost the right key or perhaps a good enough key because it really doesn’t work if I do that.

we had a yummy salad dinner and I don’t regret having been reliable.

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