Eroticon Saturday Part Two in a Three Part Series

After a little bit of sleep, I woke up and Girl On The Net brought me to Arlington House where the conference was being held. I got my goody bag and my goodness do I love getting swag!! It had two coffee mugs in it and I got a third one which was a travel mug. There were some paper pamphlet thingies in there too which I gave to her to give to others but there was a wonderful toat bag and even a little jar of honey. I also put my things on the buy swap sell table and though some of it didn’t sell, a couple of things did.

I had my talk after that about erotic hypnosis and differences in talking dirty. That went relatively well, although I think I needed to have a list of resources on hand for the people who were there. I will do that next time. I was amazed at how many people came to my talk and how receptive and engaged they were. I’ve never done a talk and imagined a room with no one turning up but that didn’t happen. People were interested in what I had to say and that feels a bit weird.

I promised earlier in the week that streight after my talk, I would go to visit the people at the booth where I did the 69 second challenge and got some lovely goodies. I will be working with them and look forward to that as well.

Afterwards I went and relaxed with the people from Kink Craft. Andrew and Pixie were so sweet and I was able to make a mini flogger which will have pride of place when I find a bracket to hang up my impact toys.

Lunch was really tasty and while I was enjoying it, I got to meet the person behind Lexie Mueller, with whom I had a conversation about books and who was an aussie ex pat as well, as well as Jerusalem Mortimer who has one of the yummiest voices. I was maybe a bit too enthusiastic about it but he was alright with that. I made sure I followed the person behind Lexie Mueller and will be reading all the bookies at length. No, I mean books, not horseracing.

The talk that said velvet-voiced Mr. Mortimer gave about the history of BDSM in literature was very interesting as well. I had heard of some of the aspects but not all and it was telling that even back then they tried to remove it from the history books but didn’t succeed. The hug I got at the end was really nice as well.

There was a panel after that with Molly, Hyacinth, Kayla and Marie about how to make and participate in memes and I learnt a lot from that. I will be participating in a lot more memes from now on. I even have a picture for Sinful Sunday.

Kink Lab was interesting. i wanted to know if electro play was something I could get to enjoy with practice. Turns out, it really isn’t. One tiny tingle with the slowest setting and I was almost in tears with fear and sensory overload. The fact that there is a kink where I will have to say no to people, where I will have to draw a hard line, that made me want to cry. I know there are some I have always said will do that but feeling it, being confronted by it, well, that hurt inside. I need to actually grok that being a people pleaser will have its down sides. Knowing it and experiencing it are completely different things.

I went away from that to see the table full of kinky implements including pervertables. A mini cricket bat, a cheese board, a claw for pulling pulled pork, a derm abrasion roller thingy. All these things can be made into kinky implements. Michael might be making misery sticks next year so that will be interesting.

After some yummy food and a stop at my airb&b, which was absolutely brilliant by the way, I went to the Saturday night social. It was loud and there were lots and lots of people there. I found it difficult to socialise for most of the time but there were a couple of highlights.

I was seen as a sub!!

OK, so the person who saw me had had a bit too much to drink and was slightly impaired judgement wise, but he actually saw me. he took my hand and talked to me but there was this underlying conversation going on as well and that is rare at places like this. There was a feeling of wanting to obey so badly and I knew it for what it was and I didn’t necessarily want to be obeying *him* but it felt so good to be seen and validated as the submissive I am rather than blind first or fat first or something else that prevents people from seeing me as I am in my natural state so to speak.

I was able to sit and talk to and be scratched by a lovely man in the lobby bar of the Holiday Inn!

We talked for a while, acknowledged that we got on well and if things were different, maybe there could have been play of a different kind but it didn’t have to happen. He saw me as well and that was enough for me. He scratched me, just on the arm, but my wow did that feel so good!! He saw how it turned me into a begging subby mess and I enjoyed that level of play more than if there had been a marathon sex session.

After such a wonderful day, it was going to be hard to top it. More about that in part three.

I am linking this post to Eroticon Aftermath so that everyone can see.

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  1. Hi Bianca, I think that the drunk person you talked to on Saturday night was my Master – Graeme. He mentioned to me afterwards that he had had an interesting discussion with you, though he’s a bit vague now. I also love Jerusalem Mortimer’s voice, by the way. I think we met briefly and unfortunately I wasn’t at your talk. But I do hope to chat to you more next time. It sounds like your first Eroticon was something to remember.

    1. Oh yes, I think it was. It was a really interesting experience to be seen and validated like that. Give him a hug from me. <3

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