Dementor attack

For those who don’t know, dementors are a creature in the Harry Potter books which suck out the good feelings and leave you with nothing but despair. In the books, you send them away with your patronus which takes the form of an animal that means something to you and the way to get rid of residual effects is to eat chocolate. It is said that J. K. Rowling said that the dementors were a physical representation of depression.

As I have said previously, I have been dealing with a lot of life changes and today, I woke up feeling that I was in the middle of a pack of dementors. The thought of doing anything has felt too big and too difficult. I was able to do simple things like shower and eat food but the thing I normally do on Thursdays in my non-toybox-life will be done tomorrow.

normally I am one to want to be upbeat, to share the good things, but I think it’s important to show this side because maybe one day, someone will read this and know they are not alone and also that they can share their feelings about this kind of thing. Even someone like me doesn’t always taste bright colours.

I know that Mental health Day was a couple of days ago and it seems that maybe this kind of post could be appropriate. Reach out to friends and family. You never know what they are dealing with at any given time.

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