A Review of the Chaiamo by Rocks Off

I was fortunate to attend Eroticon this year and one of the wonderful things that you can always rely on at conferences such as this is swag and lots of it. I was also able to meet up with the sponsors, one of whom was the Rocks Off Ruby Glow. Tabitha Rayne was very welcoming and couldn’t wait to show me all of the wonderful things at her table after giving me a huge hug. One of these devices was the Chaiamo Classic Vibrator from Rocks Off.

Imagine a lipstick vibe but super sized with a velvety silicone finish and the diagonal on both ends, one of which has the button. The button end has hard plastic but the action end is covered with the silicone. It’s about the size a Pocket Rocket would be and it packs a punch.

It is amazingly rumbly and Princess Clittie seems to react to it very quickly without feeling battered like would often happen with hard plastic lipstick vibes. I managed to have two orgasms in quick succession and they didn’t feel mechanical at all. One good orgasm is the norm and it happens in a couple of minutes and that is rare for a vibe.

The Chaiamo feels velvety soft to the touch because of the silicone, has a magnetic USB charger, charges for three hours and gives you three hours of playtime and has ten speeds and patterns. I’m not normally a pattern eprson but some of the wavy ones are really nice for my body type. I don’t have exact dimensions but I am guessing it is about 5 to 6 inches or 13.5 to 15 CM in length and an inch or 2.5 cm in width.

I would love to wax lyrical about this vibe. I’ve been using only this toy for most of my trip and the fact that I get quick orgasms from it has made a very difficult situation a lot easier.

You can get yourself one of these little beauties at Peep Show Toys and I will make a little bit of commission when you do as it is an affiliate link.

here is an article about the Ruby Glow from Tabitha herself as I wanted to mention the Eroticon sponsors.
href=”https://therubyglow.com/2019/01/25/ruby-glow-to-sponsor-eroticon-for-third-year/” rel=”nofollow”>Ruby Glow to sponsor Eroticon for third year

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  1. It was such a thrill to meet you Bianca, really! I’m absolutely delighted you enjoyed the Chaiamo, it’s great isn’t it x x x lots of love Tabitha

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