A New Lease On Life

I’ve lived in Australia and in Germany and both have had their good and bad points but I have often felt at the whims of others wherever I have lived because getting help and support has been a nightmare since I became an adult with very few exceptions. Getting stuff done that’s supposed to be simple has always been a battle but not now.

There is a new system in Australia which cause it self the National disability insurance scheme or NDIS. Basically, if you manage it yourself, you pay people to give you the support you need. This could be cleaning, shopping, even taking you out to events. For the first time in my life, I can just pay someone and that means I get things done that never were able to get done quickly or easily in the past. The quality of life is incomparable to anything I have ever experienced.

I was lucky enough to have someone who knew what to do show me how to make my plan. If you don’t have that, you don’t end up getting what you need. It means I have about AU$33,000 that is accessible to me for a year so that I can have things such as orientation and mobility, adaptive technology, support hours and some consumables. It means I don’t have to worry about paying for things to do with my disability.

I was able to go out briefly the other day and because I paid someone to take me, it got done quickly and efficiently. I don’t know what to say that will explain my feelings right now. This is a level of independence and freedom which is completely new to me. It’s never happened before and I am feeling like the stress with which I have lived for most of my life has lessened to such an extent that I don’t know what to do with myself. I have no words. I finally have a decent amount of breathing room. It feels like my spoon count has been increased to such an extent that I can manage so much better than I have done previously.

I know there are others who will not agree with me. That is perfectly okay. Everyone’s plans are different and everyone has a different experience. Speaking for myself, I think hit is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. I put it on to my blog which is saying something as I don’t easily write about these kinds of things. Sharing that level of vulnerability is hard. I find it difficult to have to say that I have limits and I find it difficult to appear to show weakness. Knowing that I have ways of reducing these things is making me breathe and sleep a lot easier.

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  1. I’ve talked about living in a country area in many of the blogs of yours I’ve commented on so here it is again. I’m on my second NDIS plan and although there are some things I’m happy with there are other things I’m not so happy about. I put in for assistive technology in my first plan and I’m still waiting for it. the scheme needs a hell of a lot of work. it was new in 2014 and it’s been almost 5 years since it first started to roll out in areas. it’s hard to find other agencies to get services through especially when I’ve used visionaustralia for many of my services for a long time. I’m agency managed with my plan which is probably why nothing has happened with the assistive technology. and don’t get me started on yard maintenance either. My father has always been happy to do my lawns and if he can’t we get somebody we know and I’ve always paid out of my own pocket. I feel my father has his nose out of joint when I mention paying somebody who is NDIS registered to do my yard and this also goes for cleaning and shopping although I have stopped the city council services as that was through their in kind funding and I had to make changes but was reluctant to make changes for fear of being left high and dry. it’s just so frustrating.

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