A Dream Come True

Here is my first erotic fiction. I dedicate it to the man who I wrote up as Daddy. It’s an expression of my love.

I open the door to the big room that has been hired out and walk in. I can’t believe that is actualy going to happen. I feel the carpet under my comfortable, flat shoes and the swish of my long, flowing aquamarine dress. There’s the sound of murmuring voices at the other end of the room as well as the smell of many meals having come and gone from here.

Daddy is somewhere in this room. His warm, safe and lusty voice stands out everywhere he goes. He’s not alone this time. He’s brought a group of them with him. Jake is here and Mark and other familiar voices as well. It was after all, a who’s who in infosec and they all know each other somehow.

I carefully sit myself down at the table facing everyone and greet people, though my hands are shaking a little bit. Daddy sits himself next to me and starts stroking my hand. “It’s OK Girl, you’ll be alright. Daddy’s here. Look, everyone else is as well. Is this how you pictured it Baby?” “Oh yes Daddy. Can’t you tell how excited I am?” “Oh don’t worry Girl. I can smell how excited you are. You only have to say Infosec and everyone will smell it from here.”

Although this is really embarrassing, I start to feel the gush of wetness that tells me that it’s one of my biggest kinks and that I am getting off on how humiliating it is. I wonder who will speak to me first and who knows about my little proclivities and who doesn’t. Knowing Daddy, everyone knows and can’t wait to make an example of how open and exploitable I can be.

“So, I believe it’s safe to say that you’re happy to see us,” Jake’s voice I think. I stammer “Yes thank you,” and my face turns all red.
“Yeah well, it’s not as if it’s hard to tell now is it?” Daddy’s voice now and that makes me even hotter and more embarrassed. I breathe his name and because of the hypnotic trigger associated with it, I get even more wet and excited. “Didn’t I tell you you weren’t allowed to say that Girl?” “Oh … but please … please I need to say it, please?” “Beg for it, maybe later on I’ll tell you if you’ve earned the right to use that name with me.” They all start talking about what they do, how they love to hack into open systems, how they enjoy pentesting, how they love to create a certain vulnerability … and then I know they have all been briefed.

Suddenly, I feel hands all over me, in my hair, in my dress, rubbing my face, my back, my breasts, pulling on my nipples, rubbing my belly. “You want us all to breed you Girl? You want to be used and filled with that hacker spend? You want us to use wearable tech on you and hack into it? You are getting so wet now aren’t you Girl. I can smell you, in fact, all of us can. I bet that’s really embarrassing isn’t it Slut?” It feels as if I’m one big heat source, trying to press myself against all of the fingers playing me like a big instrument. “You want us all to breed you, make it so you don’t know whose it is? You know that’s a very slutty thing to do don’t you Girl?” I feel them all around me, taking me to where they’ve got some other furniture I didn’t know about. There’s even a flat upraised surface of some kind.

Hands are pulling me towards said flat surface, showing me that taking off my dress would be a good thing so that’s what I do. “Don’t you think the bra and panties are a waste? The panties will need to be laundered anyway. Look how wet they are. Such a bad girl!!” I want to say it so badly that it’s making me have those rolling wave breed me type contractions just thinking about it.

Then he says two words and I start panting as I drop to do as he says. “Service me!”

I am on my knees before I realise, trying to get to his wonderful equipment as quickly as I can. He helps me because my fingers just aren’t coordinated enough to do what I need. I hear everyone else doing the same thing and I breathe in his wonderful man smell, so metallic and urgent and sexy.

It feels so good to take the first hot pulsing bar of flesh into my mouth. I want to take him deep, to suck and lick and just enjoy how it feels to use my mouth, to make love to him that way, to be allowed to do that to all of them. I feel his hands in my hair, controlling my head, using me like I want to be used, taking possession of my face. “Yeah, take all of that Girl, you know we own you now right?” All I can do is hum which makes him get harder.

Finally I feel hands on other places, pulling on my nipples, stroking my hips, my thighs, my buttocks, opening me up, stroking my vulva with their fingers, parting my lips and thrusting those fingers into me. They go in so easily after I hear so many good things. Some get my favourite bullet vibe from somewhere and start circling my clit with it, others just thrust into me, others still come up beside me and whisper the hottest things in my ear about how they are going to use me, hack my tech, reprogram me, take possession and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Normally I need to use toys or fingers on myself to come but the bullet works so well that someone else is able to get me to finish such that I splash all over their fingers. Then, oh the relief, I feel someone lining themselves up with me and entering me with a wonderfully fulfilling thrust. “Jake’s gonna give it to you Baby Girl. You want me? Say my name Little One.” I can’t help it. I have to do what he says. “Oh Jake, pleaeaeaease breed me, make me take your spend!!” And oh how he gives it to me. He’s so rounded and his girth fills me up, his thrusts getting quicker and more urgent as I squeeze around him while still sucking on Daddy’s thick hardness at the other end. I want them both to give me their spend at the same time and I suck and squeeze till they do, giving me such good sounds and words, telling me to take it, to drink all of it, that I’m getting bred and filled up now.

I can feel yet others next to me, waiting their turns and I am so happy to let them in. When Jake leaves, Mark starts with his hot accent and he’s abit tentative as he’s never had someone to play with before but I ask if I can lay down with him and cuddle him a bit, stroking his hair, asking if he’s certain he wants this in such a large group. I’m happy to just stroke him or use other things. I tell him he’s under no obligation. He thinks about it for a second and decides that we can do a lot of other things but maybe he’d prefer to lose his virginity in the penetrative sense when it’s not so hectic. There are some in the group who would start to tease him but I am mama Bear and tell them off, especially Daddy.

So it’s nice to lay down and cuddle, giving him kisses, taking his hands so they frame my face and giving and receiving those deep intense kisses and caresses. He can stroke my hair and speak in that soothing voice he has about what a good girl I am, asking if what he’s doing is okay. It feels nice to look after him, to give him the love he’s missed for so long, being in a strange country and far from his family. I want to give him a breast so he can soothe himself with it and he lets me. I can’t help but stroke his hair and face when he does that. It feels so maternal and soft and open. I feel his fingers wanting to explore me so I am more than happy to help, showing him what to do. I ask if he will please talk geeky to me and he doesn’t understand at first but everyone else is more than happy to help and so he learns how and suddenly I am playing with my clit while he’s using his fingers inside of me, telling me how he’s going to reprogram my mind and I splash all over him and make all the squeaky sounds and it’s like he’s had a transcendental experience. I want to make him happy and give him pleasure as well. I would use a combination of mouth and hands on him, knowing he likes it a bit gentler than the others do. I love his sounds and his voice, his entreaties to go faster or slower, to please let him come. And when he comes, it feels so intense to him, the heavy sighs are like he’s about to cry.

I feel hands on me, stroking my hair, telling me what a good girl I am, feel HIM coming up behind me and cuddling me. “Oh Daddy, did you organise this?” “Of course I did Girl. I’ve been stalking your blog for a long time. Don’t you think I know what you need?” I turn to face him, putting my face into his chest, smelling his familiar metallic smell, feeling the texture of his shirt on my face and I start to drift into sleep.

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    1. Oh I am glad you liked it. I’ve been wanting to write some erotic fiction for a while that actually did anything for me because most of it doesn’t so I have to write my own.

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